We would like to recognize our hard-working scribes on their achievements, including graduations, acceptances, and travels.

Therese Ungriano

​     I’m Therese Ungriano and I graduated from UCLA in 2015 with a degree in Psychology. During undergrad, I was a director for a health organization called Asian Pacific Health Corps, which aimed to provide free health screenings for the underserved and uninsured communities in Los Angeles and educate them on preventative care. I also had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and Honduras to assist in clinics in rural areas. During the summers, I worked as a camp counselor for at-risk and urban youth in Los Angeles. In my free time, I enjoy playing board games with friends, going to escape rooms (we remain undefeated after 25+ rooms), or hanging out at local breweries in OC.


​     I will forever be grateful (to Nina!) and for joining Student Scribes when I did. I was 3 years out of undergrad, re-taking some science courses and working a desk job at an insurance company, feeling discouraged and afraid to take the next step toward grad school. Scribing for Dr. Lamia Gabal at her urology practice was a turning point for me, because I was reminded of why I fell in love with healthcare in the first place: the interdisciplinary teamwork, the patient relationships, the knowledge to heal. Looking back, the amount of urological knowledge I’ve gained from scribing with her is unparalleled to what you read in textbooks. I’ve been desensitized to the sight of genitalia of all ages from the get-go, and I’ve mastered the art of typing detailed findings inside a bladder in a pitch-black room during a cystoscopy. This past year I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to observe the successful practice Dr. Gabal has built, and she has truly set the standard for me on the kind of provider I want to be in the future. 


​     Scribing allowed me to see healthcare with renewed eyes and helped me gain the confidence to take the leap toward higher education. This coming Fall, I am humbled to say that I will be attending Vanderbilt University to obtain a Master’s in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  My past experiences helping underserved communities cultivated my desire to work among populations in need of medical attention, specifically those with the least resources and advocates to attain adequate care. The changing landscape of healthcare reform and America’s primary care physician shortage leave the future of these communities uncertain. As a future FNP, my hope is to alleviate this shortage and help to improve the lives of these marginalized populations.

Therese Ungriano
University of California, Los Angeles
Class of 2015
Acceptance: Vanderbilt University, Masters in Nursing

2019 Graduates

Nicole Koning

     Hi there, my name is Nicole! I grew up in the Bay Area and recently moved back to Livermore to attend a second accelerated baccalaureate program for a Bachelor of Science in nursing at San Francisco State. I graduated this past May from Chapman University with a BS in biological sciences and a minor in sociology. I chose to pursue a second degree in nursing because through my volunteer experiences I saw the established role of nurses in healthcare and the great responsibility they play in treating patients. Aside from school, I love trying out new food places, going to spin classes and traveling whenever I get the chance. One of the highlights of my time in college was having the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester.


     I found out about Student Scribes through my sorority sister who was friends with Nina in high school. This origination is a great opportunity to learn so much more than you would from volunteering in a hospital. It was amazing to work with a doctor in a clinical setting and observe patient-doctor interactions directly. In addition, the origination holds great seminars that give insight into the medical profession and various specialties.


     I scribed for Dr. Joseph Khan, who is OB-GYN physician. He is a leading physician in his field and serves on several medical boards. What I admire most about him is how he uses his clinics to provide medical care to all types of women in Orange County despite their socioeconomic status. I scribed for Dr. Khan in two of his clinics located in Santa Ana and Garden Grove. My favorite experience with Dr. Khan was when we got to know a patient that was carrying twins. They would joke back and forth every visit and I really loved seeing the patient connection Dr. Khan was able to build with her and all of his patients. His outlook and attention to detail with every patient inspires me to become a caring clinician that is able advocate for my future patients like he does.


     Just a few months ago I was accepted into the accelerated nursing program at SFSU. Around 500 people applied, 80 were interviewed, and 40 were accepted into the cohort. It is a 15-month program consisting of nursing curriculum and hands on clinical experience in a wide range of specialties and settings. I started June 10th, 2019 and it is already intense, but I am really enjoying it. Getting into nursing school is a challenge to say the least, and I think Student Scribes played a part in separating me from other applicants. It was one of the health care experiences that shinned on my resume and application. I am beyond grateful for my experiences as a Student Scribe, and I encourage other students to take advantage of the amazing opportunity this organization provides!

Nicole Koning
Chapman University
Class of 2019
Acceptance: San Francisco State University
Masters in Nursing