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Instructions for Use

**Please do not replace any N95 masks with these masks. These are solely a last-resort device for those who do not have access to the standard personal protective equipment (PPE)


1. HEPA Filter Vacuum Bags

  • Link for reference: Click here!

  • These may also be available at hardware, home repair and appliance stores, etc.

  • NOT ANY VACUUM BAG WILL DO. Look for the HEPA label, stating that it is 99.97% effective for particles up to 0.3 microns. Bags that claim to filter out allergens are NOT suitable.

2. Rubber bands (7 inches x 1/2 inches):

3. Foam Tape (3/8 inches wide x 3/16 inches thick x 10 feet long)

  • Link for reference: Click here!

  • You can choose larger widths, depending on your preference.


  • DO NOT:

    • Do not expose masks to high heat. It will melt and deform them.

    • Do not soak your mask in an isopropyl alcohol solution as extreme exposure to isopropyl alcohol can destroy the plastic. Instead, simply wipe the mask with isopropyl alcohol.

    • Do not drop them on the floor, as they can break.

  • DO:

    • Clean the mask before first time use

    • Clean mask EVERY DAY.

    • Replace your filter EVERY DAY

    • Wash your hands after handling the mask / filter


How to (Video)