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About Student Scribes

Student Scribes is a service connecting private medical offices and clinics with trained collegiate students.

Our Scribes

Our scribes come from a variety of backgrounds, however they are all united with one goal: to become medical professionals. Each scribe is a current or graduated collegiate student.

How are we different?

Our service is composed of college students who are on track to medical, nursing, or PA School. Please read more!

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Working with you to improve office efficiency

Contract Forms

We employ rules, regulations, and business practices that comply with HIPAA guidelines and California state laws concerning unpaid internships.


Our scribes have worked with twelve medical specialties across California. As we continue to expand, we are working with further specialties.



Watch Now

Interested in learning about the beginnings of Student Scribes? Listen to the podcast that Nina Kar, the Founder & Director of Student Scribes, recorded with Keck Graduate Institute.

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