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Student Scribes

About us

  • Not for profit organization - run by students FOR students

    • No payment required by students or by medical professionals​

  • Who are our scribes?

    • All scribes are either enrolled in a four-year university or have completed a degree from a four-year university

    • Scribes are either pre-medical, pre-nursing, or pre-PA students

  • Commitment​

    • Scribes are required to shift twice a week for four hours each

    • 6 month minimum (often scribes stay in their position longer), no maximum

  • Clinical hours

    • Students work directly in private offices or clinics

    • Students can work with any type of medical professional, including but not limited to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners

    • Students work one-on-one ​with both physicians and patients, therefore they are granted clinical hours (unpaid)

    • If a medical professional is interested in a paid scribe, we are happy to help them find a graduated student who is willing to work part-time or full-time hours​
    • Working directly on EMR system​

    • At the end of their tenure, students may request physicians for letters of recommendation

  • Training

    • We provide basic SOAP training to all scribes​ for free

    • We are in the process of creating training videos 

  • Application

    • We conduct selective application cycles to ensure we have the most dedicated scribes!​

  • Goals

    • Providing students with learning experiences for their future medical careers​

    • Providing physicians with tools to increase office efficiency, decrease documentation hassles, and increase physician-patient time

Other scribing companies

About them

  • Other scribing companies are for-profit organizations

    • Payment is required by hospital or private office physicians for the services

    • Companies make money off of scribes working in offices

  • Who are their scribes?

    • Oftentimes they hire students in college, however anyone can apply for a scribing position as long as they have completed their GED

  • Commitment

    • Scribes are required to commit either:

      • One year of full-time work (sixteen to twenty 8-hour shifts per month​)

      • Two years of part-time work (eight to twelve 8-hour shifts per month)

  • Hours

    • Most scribing opportunities are only in emergency rooms​

      • Limited interaction with patients, physicians, and other staff​

  • Training

    • Each company provides their own training process​, however students or physicians are often required to pay for the training

    • Often lengthy and stressful process

  • Application

    • Students are often required to pay to apply for the programs​

    • Application cycles are often lengthy

  • Goals

    • To provide employees for scribing​

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